Monday, September 5, 2011

Well good grief.....

Where have I been? Oh, I don't know. Here and there. Doing this and that. It's been a cool (not in the hep sense, but weather-wise) summer at the Manor and environs. Now that September is here and I'm looking forward to Fall, my fave time of year, we have temperatures approaching 100 degrees. Approaching, not hitting, but it's still too hot for boots and sweaters. And that's what I'm ready to wear. And clogs. I must have 10 pair of clogs, and I just bought another pair of cloggish kind of shoes. I saw them on Pinterest and fell in love. Do you know about Pinterest? It's a fabulous waste of time. Truth be told, that's mostly what I've been doing this summer: pinning. That and buying sewing machines off Craigslist (one for The Countess du Greece and one for The Countess de Couv), sewing, teaching a little sewing - remind me and I'll tell you about the hilarious crib sheet incident. I helped my dearest friend with a 90th birthday party for her father by doing all the food - a smashing success if I do say so myself, spent some time at the beach, finally read Into Thin Air, The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I marveled at Princess Pooalot and her super fabulousness, missed the brave Knights of Rochester and the Princesses of Pittsfordbury like mad and got an iPad - about which I know very little and haven't yet figured out how to post pictures with. I'll get it. Be patient with me. So, for the immediate future, we're welcoming a new tiny princess in about 6 weeks and the Earl and I are anxious to meet her! Oh, and Princess Pooalot is walking. All over the damn place. The Manor is being gated as we speak.

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