Welcome to Fairfield Manor where I live with the Lord of the Manor and a recalcitrant feline who believes that she is the Lady of the Manor.  She's wrong, of course, but it does me no good to tell her so.  We've come to an understanding, she and I and we mostly stay out of each other's way.  Until she doesn't.  Stay out of my way, I mean.
Around here I dabble in all manner of creative shenanigans, start tons of projects, eat too much, drink a little Irish whiskey, set a pretty table and love my scrumptious family nearly to death.  Sometimes that means I get all up in their business.  I can't help that.  It's what I do.
Tag along and join me at Fairfield Manor.  Life is good here at the Manor, I'm always looking for more guests.  It'll be a hoot!