Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sicks at the Manor

I don't know if it was something I ate at the Royal Wedding, realizing that even at my skinniest my hiney never looked like Pippa's, or a real live virus but I've been sick.  I won't go into ugly deets, but oh. my. goodness.  I'll just remind you to wash your hands after reading this post.

There were some benies from the sicks, though.  I lost 6 pounds, and I'm a couple of days into feeling "normal" and it's still gone.  And, oh yeah, I got an awesome get well gift from a friend that I've done some things for:  a spanking new Ipad!  For reals.  The "some things" that I mention include stuff like sending emails, making business-ey phone calls (where I try and sound like an attorney/doctor/accountant/CIA agent or something), writing letters (again, putting on my attorney/doctor/accountant/CIA agent hat) and the like.  My friend, although a very successful business woman who got where she is by the seat of her cute little pants speaks very broken English and doesn't feel confident making her point with professional types.  And, something in me likes to go toe to toe with those types.  Anyhoo, I have an ancient laptop that I use at work that is slower than slow and generally a piece o'crap so she gifted me with a new IPad.  Incredible, I know.  Oh, and then she took me out to dinner to top it off.  I'm going to make her a Quiche Lorraine to thank her.  I think that's about equal, right?  Really, how do you respond to a gift like that?  It'll be here in 5 weeks (I know, can't they build those faster?) and then I'll need total silence while I figure it out.

I did do a little crafty thing the other day.  A friend's daughter is having her first baby.  It's a boy, so I wrapped the gift so that it looks like a little business suit.  Here's how I did it:
Since I was still feeling pukey when I actually did this for real and didn't take pictures, I'm using what I could put my hands on for demonstration purposes.   For the real gift I did use tissue because it was the only gift wrap I had in the house that wasn't wedding or little girl, and I didn't think Luke would appreciate either.  So, lay the gift in the center of the paper you'll want to be the shirt.  Fold one side to the center.
Fold the opposite side to the center, folding the edge over (2X) to create a button placket.  I can't remember which side buttons go on for boys and girls, but you'll know.
After you've folded the top and bottom edges of the shirt under to the back of the package, lay it in the center of the suit paper.  Now fold the edges at an angle (again 2X) to create lapels.  Fold the top and bottom of the suit to the back, as you did the shirt.  Of course, tape as you go.
Add a tie and perhaps a pocket that you could put a little gift enclosure into and there you are!
Of course, tidy up the corners and edges.  I was trying to save .29 worth of tissue, so I didn't actually tape this example.  You could use regular gift wrap which would give you some really crazy cute options or even receiving blankets.  I haven't tried this on different shaped gifts. Since this idea came to me in my fevered state, this is as far as I got.  Anyway, it was cute and the Lord of the Manor thought I was a genius.

Yesterday when I finally felt like I had some umph I decided to clean and organize a couple of the Manor kitchen cupboards....I'll fill you in on that another day.  It was epic.


After re-reading this I realize that the little suit looks like a lounge lizard suit.  Very nice.

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  1. I think it rocks! And I am so glad you are feeling better!!! :o)