Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills and Kate

I must say as Lady of the Manor, I fully expected my invitation to the royal wedding to arrive well before now.  I can only assume that there has been a snafu of sorts with the USPS.  I'm sure that it will arrive shortly, and when it does I'm ready to go.  While I'm waiting for the forthcoming invitation, I'll continue to ponder which fascinator to wear:

Which one?
internet image

Princess Beatrice took my first choice, drat the luck:

Taupe is not my color after all.  Is it hers?
internet image

Again, while I wait to travel across the pond to take part in, albiet late, the wedding festivities (I'm sure that I can re-live the whole affair on my own, no?), we're celebrating at the salon with scones, lemon curd, cherry preserves and tea.....

See the happy couple right behind the paper plates and out of season napkins?  Such a beautiful couple.

She is so....queenly.  And he seems like such a nice chap.  (chap=Britspeak).
internet image
(lest you think I snapped these myself)

I am thoroughly enthralled with all the pomp and circumstance and celebration.  I await patiently my summons.  Fascinator in tow, I'll be there.  It will be a triumphant return for me. 

.....this time I won't be so freaked out by the attacking squirrels at Kennsington Palace....but that's a story for another time.

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  1. I like the big red number. The white and black might look like a wild hair-do!! LOL!

    I'm just wondering when hats cam back into fashion and why no one told me???? *sigh*

    Hope you are feeling better today!