Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Weekend Away

The Lord of the Manor and I are off to the beautiful and wild Oregon Coast this afternoon. We're celebrating 36 years together, and a trip to one of our favorite weekend getaways is in order.  We will probably see some tsunami remnants, a reminder of the devastation on the far side of the Pacific.

Before we go I'll be doing my day job, involving some of this:

I love doing that.  But I look forward to stuffing this with us and a couple pairs of jeans....:
(That's the weather  at the Manor 80% of the time, people)
....and heading here:
....with him.

Have a wonderful weekend, pals.  See you next week!  I'm working on a post about our first big remodeling project.  It's a hoot.

PS:  Clearly, I haven't figured out my buttons yet.  I can get them on the blog, but haven't figured out how to make them functional yet.  Don't let that put you off....I'd love to hear from you anyhoo!  I'll figure out at some point.

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  1. Love the hair!!! Love the pictures, too! Love you!! ;o)