Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Spring Somewhere.....

The Earl took my car this morning to get its oil changed.  Thank heavens for him, because I'm such a ditz I would never change the oil.  I barely put gas in Mini Me.  I resent having to stop what I'm doing to sit at a gas station smelling gas fumes and cooling my heels.  And I live in a state that prohibits self-pumping, so literally, I sit there.  You would think I'd appreciate the chance to stop for five minutes, but I don't.  It's an annoyance.  Somebody invent a car that's fueled for life, please.
But back to my story....so I'm without a car for the morning, and I'm Manor-bound.  The Manor needed some sprucing and spring-ing up, and frankly, I need the promise of all things spring so out came the Easter decos.  It's miserably rainy and cold here.  We've had the wettest March since, like 1952 and even I, who don't mind the rain, have had enough.  I climbed up on my trusty chair (I have a step ladder, but it's a hassle to get out) and unearthed Easter/Spring-In-A-Box from the top shelf of the linen closet.  It was there behind Halloween and my one and only St. Patrick's day thing.  We're having guests for Easter dinner, and it's Duke Zeus' second U.S. Easter, (he was still jet-lagged at Easter last year), not to mention Princess Pooalot's very first Easter so I want to really doll up the Manor.  In case the food is lousy, you know.
For Duke Zeus, whatever we do will be pared down in comparison to Easter in Greece. Easter in Greece begins with Apokreas several weeks before with partying and costumes (think Mardi Gras), then Clean Monday to fast, spend time with family and calm down after Carnival.  Beginning with Palm Sunday, there are church services every day, with Thursday morning services commemorating The Last Supper and the betrayal of Christ.

Eggs are dyed red (signifying Christ's blood) that day and tsoureki, Easter bread is baked.  On Saturday night positively everyone is in church by 11 pm and at midnight all the lights are turned off.  The priest announces that Christ has arisen.  Everyone in attendance (as I said, it's virtually the entire population) has a candle and it is lit from the priest's.  Worshipers then file out, candles in hand and walk to their homes, candlelight and fireworks lighting the way.
The evening is warm, people are joyful.  The Countess du Greece said it's wonderful to experience.  And I haven't even mentioned the lamb in the yard yet.
For this year though, we'll have a good old American Easter celebration, with these harbingers of spring to accompany us.....

Banish the rain please, Mr. Bunny

As long as the Earl and I don't break them first, this guy and his identical twin can entertain a couple of our young Easter guests....
The Manor is basically pretty boring if you're a kid.  Our latest game system is an Atari.  And it probably doesn't work.  So these seemed appropriate for Easter.

There's bound to be baking and crafting goings on in the next few weeks.  I'll be sure to keep you posted, as I'm certain you simply cannot live without knowing what's going on at Fairfield Manor.

Adieu, mon amis.


  1. WOW a State that prohibits self-pumping!?! Here in the Wild, Wild West they let us do just about anything... carry a concealed Weapon, pump our own Gas... it's fabulous! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Okay I have to add... now that I've stopped LMAO... that compared to Greek Easterfest... well... ours is pretty lame huh? A few fake bunnies and faux eggs that we toss around outside for the kiddos to hunt... maybe Sunrise Service IF I can roll my lazy bones out of bed that early and drink enough Starbucks... hummmmmnnnnn, I'm thinking a trip to Greece to celebrate the Holy Season might now be very high on my Bucket List!

    Dawn... The Bohemian