Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bake Fail

Go ahead and laugh.

I was feeling uppity after Sunday's relative baking success.  I forgot that I shouldn't try cookies on my own.  

It all started out looking promising....
and in fairness, the peanut butter cookies turned out.  But really, how hard are they?  They're off to the salon this morning for my co-workers.  They are under the impression that I can bake due to repeated appearances of these babies.

But for those of you coming to the Manor for Easter, I'm dreadfully sorry.  You'll have your choice of a navy blue wrinkly butterfly, an institutional green chick or various burnt bunnies, eggs and tulips.  
Beg pardon, the Earl has eaten the burnt bunny.
The Earl:  That's crispy.
Me:  Shut up.

Thankfully, the Manor guests are upper crust and are bringing lovely provisions, and I believe a dessert is in order.


  1. HA!! too funny!!! I burned the chocolate chip cookies this weekend, too.

  2. Just had to laugh at your post. Despite my best efforts this has happened to me. Now I think I'd rather buy than bake. LOL Peggy from PA